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Pouch-Up Juices

​The Pouch-Up® is an ideal packaging solution when it comes to packing fruit juice.

Longer shelf life up to 6 weeks once opened:

Thanks to high oxygen barrier films and the Vitop® tap, fruit juice is preserved with a shelf-life up to 6 weeks after opening with a constant quality of organoleptic and nutritional properties.

Easy to take away and use:

At the breakfast table, at a picnic or for a barbecue, the Pouch-Up® is perfect for all occasions.

The juice is easily poured through the Vitop® tap. A small amount of pressure is enough to pour the right volume without spilling or splashing.

Thanks to its integrated handle, the Pouch-Up® is effortlessly carried and taken away.

The Vitop tap prevents from air ingress during distribution:

Available in standard and compact sizes, the Vitop® tap has been designed to greatly reduce oxygen permeation and to insure a tight seal.

The Vitop tap offers a very high level of tightness, even if it is opened and closed a thousand times.

Large surface for communication on both sides:

Modern and customizable, high-quality heliography printing ensures excellent branding options and product differentiation on store shelves.

Low carbon footprint, lightweight and space saving:

Lightweight, delivered flat before filling and with reduced packaging, the Pouch-Up® provides considerable space and costs savings in terms of transportation and storage and offers a low carbon footprint. 

Unbreakable & Resistant:

Flexible thanks to its different film structures, the juice won’t spill and will resist to all situations.

Various sizes:

The Pouch-Up® is available in 1.5L, 2L and 3L in either single or double gusset formats.

Protected product thanks to its tamper evident tap.

Thanks to its frontal tamper-proof tear strip which blocks the tap in a closed position until removed and its aluminium lid, the Vitop® tap guarantees product integrity. 

Watch how Pouch-Up® provides a longer shelf-life up to 6 weeks

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