Smurfit Kappa - Research and Development

Research and Development Areas

Our approach to innovation is totally market driven and focused on solving your challenges.

Whether through product development, process improvement or optimising your supply-chain efficiency, our innovation process starts by understanding your market. We therefore have a supporting network of R&D Centres, Experience Centres and unique tools to help us create fit-for-purpose, cost-effective and sustainable packaging solutions.

Our R&D areas of focus are:

Paper & Board Mechanics

Paper & Board Mechanics

By using design insights from the field of mechanical engineering and with state of the art experimental and modelling research, we can improve and re-invent paper, board or packaging products.

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Packaging quality


Quality starts with the design of the right packaging solution and involves much more than a just making a good box. Packaging should function well across our customers’ full supply chain.

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Process Control

Process Control

Effective control and design of our processes is needed to be able to produce a high quality product at the lowest cost and consistent quality.

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Supply Chain

Supply Chain Technology

We rigorously test paper, board and pack performance throughout the supply chain. Our experts look at different transport and climates, taking into account the product, packaging and palletisation.

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Print Expertise

Through our research we explore the relation between paper, printing inks and printing techniques, all the time improving our print-related paper properties such as absorption, smoothness and gloss.

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Consumer Data into packaging

Consumer Research

Using insights from analysing over 50,000 shoppers, across 28 product categories in 13 countries, we optimise the sales impact of shelf ready packaging, eCommerce packaging and POS display.

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Product Safety

Food Safety

The safety of our consumers is our highest priority in food contact packaging. Our team have expert knowledge in the production and development of food-compliant paper, board and packaging.

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