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Bag-in-Box® Food contact

BIB Food contact 

Ensuring maximal food safety for our customers

The majority of our bags are used to pack liquid food products: wine, dairy products, liquid eggs, juices, oils, water and others. Therefore, they have to fulfill very strict requirements relative to food packaging. We are aware that if the packaging is not absolutely safe, it may harm the packed product or, even worse, lead to serious sanitary problems among the final consumers. We want our customers to be 100% confident when they bring their packed product to consumers, so we pay a very special attention to offer the safest packaging possible, in compliance with all regulations. SKBIB works in cooperation with world-class laboratories and organisations to ensure food safety for its customers and also takes part to conferences and think tanks.

Our facilities are unique in the world and offer the highest standards in the industry. Most of them are ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 certified and fulfill the strictest requirements for food contact. We are always happy to welcome our customers to our plants to show them our production process and our constant efforts so they can be genuinely confident about the food safety of our products. The plants are ultra-clean and fulfill the strictest hygiene and food safety standards, including air filtration, air conditioning, anti-contamination and anti-microbe procedures. Finally, thanks to the common standards in our plants, we are able to shift production elsewhere in case of major unexpected events.


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