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Better Planet Packaging Initiative

An initiative that explores and re-imagines packaging for a sustainable world

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Collaboration, innovation and substitution are at the heart of our new initiative to work towards a sustainable future.

Packaging holds a valuable, sustainable role in guarding against waste and through our initiative we will use our strength in innovation to develop new products, collaborate with new and existing partners and undertake research to address the challenges of litter caused by packaging.

Our Approach

Read our latest updates on how we're working towards a sustainable future.

We rethink how sustainable packaging is designed
  • Materials


    Recycled or reused materials should be used where possible. If applications require virgin material, they should come from sustainable and renewable resources that are not used for food applications.
  • Production


    Packaging is produced with lowest carbon, waste and water footprint. Production is done in a socially and ethically responsible way.
  • Supply Chain

    Supply Chain

    Packaging should be designed to only bundle and protect the product in the entire supply chain. Any other functionality (like marketing, etc.) should be added with minimal impact on the environmental footprint.
  • End of Life

    End of Life

    Sustainable packaging should have no harm to our planet in any end of life scenario. Sustainable packaging should be collected and recycled. If it becomes litter it should have no negative environmental impact in any end of life scenario.

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