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Non-food liquids and semi-liquids such as detergents, cleaning products, paint, oil, fertiliser liquids, cosmetics and more can also be packaged with Bag-in-Box®.

Bag-in-Box® meets environmental regulations regarding volume reduction and packaging waste, which are integral to these markets. Our taps allow easy and quick connection to pump systems. The outer packaging protects the product surface and offers exceptional space to communicate your brand. Bag-in-Box® is also easy to store thanks to its rectangular shape and there is limited risk of spillage.

Bag-in-Box® generates a multitude of savings in comparison to standard three litre plastic bottles:

  • Reduced storage costs - 1 pallet of empty 5 litre bags = 11 pallets of 3 litre plastic bottles
  • Reduced transport costs of empty packaging - 1 truck of 5 litre bags = 11 trucks of 3 litre plastic bottles
  • Reduced transport costs for filled packaging - up to 65% plus more products can be transported
  • Reduced recycling costs - for a market of 10 million litres per year, you use 276 fewer tonnes of plastic packaging by replacing five litre plastic bottles with five litre bags.

Bag-in-Box® is also a green alternative with its reduced carbon footprint

  • Less raw material - 70% less plastic is needed for a 5 litre bag compared to a 3 litre plastic bottle
  • Less transport - space for 65% more products in a truck



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Green solution

Bag-in-Box® is an environmentally-friendly packaging solution with a low carbon footprint.

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