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Fruit juice

Bag-in-Box® is an innovative solution for the packaging of fruit juices. Vacuum packed in a flexible, high oxygen barrier bag and protected from light in a cardboard box, the juice maintains its nutritional properties and aromas for several months.

Fruit juice with aseptic filling

The juice, which has been heat-treated and is sterile, is chilled and packed in a sterile environment on an aseptic filling machine into pre-sterilised packaging. These products can be kept from six months to one year before opening.

We have in-depth knowledge of the technical requirements of aseptic filling and our packaging is completely compatible with the filling technology.

Fruit juice with hot filling

The juice is pressed, filtered, pasteurised and then kept at a high temperature. Next, the bag is filled with the hot juice, which through contact pasteurises the packaging, and then it is hermetically closed and cooled. It is recommended that the fruit be pressed in a separate facility in order to avoid any contamination of the bags during filling. Bag-in-Box® and Pouch-Up® film structures are perfectly compatible with high temperatures.

With the right juice and filling practice, juice can often be kept for a year before opening and several weeks after opening, compared to several days for other types of packaging. The fruit juice's aromatic and nutritional properties are preserved thanks to the Vitop® tap and the oxygen barrier bags. It is user-friendly, being easy to open and to serve without any risk of spills or splashes.

This packaging is especially suited to the hospitality industry, being easily connectable to dispensing systems, and retail due to high visibility on the shelf.






Filling machines

Green solution

Bag-in-Box® is an environmentally-friendly packaging solution with a low carbon footprint.

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