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Design2Market Factory 

We are examining the entire supply chain, including packaging, transport, storage and product presentation, thereby identifying more sustainable improvement opportunities than considering each step in isolation.

We do not just sell packaging to our customers, we work closely with them, developing value adding solutions to their supply chains. We use a holistic approach to find solutions that are impactful and can be realised on a large scale. This leads to fit-for-purpose packaging solutions that ensure that the packaged product is transported and stored safely and delivered undamaged to the consumer.

As part of our product and process development, we use engineering-based thinking to analyse customer challenges and find creative solutions for specific products and markets. We deliver smarter sustainable solutions to our customers in three ways: Innovation in our processes, Innovation through the supply chain and Innovation in packaging solutions. With circularity in mind at the design stage, and by optimising both primary and secondary packaging, we can deliver efficiencies in transport, storage and display and finally ensure recovery and recycling of our packaging products in recycling channels.

Our Approach

Knowledge Icon

Knowledge, experience and passion

Our primary goal is to support our customers through the dedication and creativity of our people. Our people are highly motivated, well trained and have unrivalled packaging expertise, which provides the foundation for our innovation. 

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Customer focus, understanding our customers' markets

We look past our products and go one step further to provide customers with the best data and analysis to make better business decisions with minimal risk. Innovation challenges the status quo and is a fundamental part of our strategy. Our approach to innovation is market-driven and focused on solving our customers' challenges, whether through customer insights, packaging solutions development, process improvement or optimising supply chain efficiency. 

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Science of innovation

At Smurfit Kappa, innovation is data driven. We have a supporting network of laboratories, facilities and applications to help us to create fit-for-purpose, cost-effective and sustainable packaging solutions.

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Creative design thinking

With over 1,000 designers across our businesses and over 8,500 packaging concepts, we use cutting-edge technology to provide innovative designs in packaging and displays for our customers.