ThermoBox - Our new paper-based alternative to EPS frozen food packaging

The Challenge
We were approached by Patani Global Food B.V., a global supplier of fresh and frozen foods. They ship goods from Amsterdam to worldwide locations using EPS boxes. However, a rise in the amount of litter that was washing up on beaches in the region had led to a future ban on plastic waste so the company wanted an alternative solution that would not harm the environment.
The Approach

Our aim was to create a biodegradable product that wouldn't compromise on functionality. We analysed Patani’s supply chain and collaborated with them to develop a new pack made from Hexacomb and corrugated. We performed stringent tests to ensure the new solution provided as much insulation as the EPS box.

The Result

The innovative new ‘ThermoBox’ is 100% recyclable and keeps food temperatures even lower than EPS. The pack also offers greater flexibility than EPS as it can be stored flat, reducing warehouse costs, and the corrugated exterior offers good branding opportunities. It offers significant potential for both pre-packed fresh and frozen goods and the eCommerce sector.

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