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TOPPSafe™ palltopp

TOPPSafe™ er en 100 % papirbasert palltopp som er utformet for å være et trygt og resirkulerbart alternativ til tradisjonelle palltopper.

Palltoppen har en hexacombstruktur på innsiden, og den sikrer lasten på pallen under transport, slik at den ikke kan bevege seg. I tillegg blir den et beskyttende lag for produktene som er plassert øverst på pallen. 

Hexacomb-strukturen gjør palltoppen like solid som de tradisjonelle alternativene av for eksempel tre eller plast. Hjørnene sørger for at den tåler stroppene.

Meeting industry standards can be challenging

Industry standards such as BRC, AIB, and ISO assure consumers that products & services meet the highest standards and that food safety is the number one priority. Food, beverage, and pharmaceutical companies face similar challenges when it comes to hygiene in their production facilities.

For example, it may be necessary to unload and unpack incoming and outgoing transport outside the production area, where traditional wooden pallets and pallet tops are replaced with clean, compliant alternatives. Meeting these standards can be a big challenge, but thanks to TOPPSafe™ it belongs to the past!

Working with TOPPSafe™ is safe and simple

Preventing work-related injuries are a continuous challenge for any manager in operations or health and safety. It’s important that employees work in a safe environment so that work-related health risks are limited. But work still needs to be done.

Working with a pallet top is tricky business. They can be heavy, contain splinters and/or sharp edges. Packing, stacking and transporting products with a paper pallet top is simpler and safer because TOPPSafe™ is lightweight. It makes lifting and making long-reaching or turning movements easier and safer.

Discover the many benefits TOPPSafe™ can offer your organisation

  • Spend less time on risk inventory and evaluation for working conditions
  • Avoid inefficiency in your activities due to managing pallet top return systems
  • Prevent contamination by wood and chip splinters, bacteria or fungi
  • Less damage during transport of packaging and/or products
  • Contribute to the environment

TOPPSafe™, it's tried and tested.

Smurfit Kappa TWINCORR was one of the first organisations to reap the benefits of TOPPSafe™.

"A few months ago we started working with a new customer in the dairy industry. They were using entire plastic pallets instead of pallet tops, because traditional pallet tops were not allowed in their production area. Our palletising machine could not handle a pallet as pallet top, so we needed to find a solution.

We were surprised by the strength of TOPPSafe™. I mean, it is only paper, right?! For us, there are no downsides to this product. The pallet pool is a lot smaller now, we do not have to look for any lost pallets and manual handling of pallet tops in the outbound stream is eliminated."

Supply Chain Manager, Smurfit Kappa TWINCORR

The technical details

  • Standard sizes: 1200x1000mm and 1200x800mm, with or without rounded corners
  • Bespoke sizes between 600mm and 1600mm with standard corners
  • Standard thickness 35mm, for specific applications 20mm, 25mm and 30mm are available
  • Weight standard sizes: 1200x1000mm (3kg) and 1200x800mm (2kg)
  •  2 or 4 paper based angleboards depending on strapping application
  • 3 Kn Strapforce
  • 3000kg stacking load
  • 100% recyclable in paper waste

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