Sustainable paper-based pallet solution which is 100% recyclable

Substitution Opportunity
Companies seeking sustainable alternatives to traditional pallets made from wood or plastic can now benefit from the latest technological advances that enable production of high performing paper-based pallets
The Challenge
Plastic pallets have increased in popularity as they are durable, light and can be re-used however they are difficult to repair and are an expensive option compared to wood. Until recently, there has been no real sustainable alternative to wood and plastic that could meet the packaging performance requirements of pallets in the supply chain.
The paper-based solution
Made from heavy-duty corrugated cardboard or hexacomb, paper-based pallets are designed to withstand the demands of your entire supply chain, are 100% recyclable and have the additional benefit of contamination free transport. Significantly lighter than plastic pallets, paper-based pallets can not only reduce your shipping costs, but also your carbon emissions.

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