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Vitop Taps

Vitop® is a range of taps, closures and dispensers for Bag-in-Box packaging.

Vitop dispensing solutions are suitable for a wide range of liquids such as wine, milk, fruit juices, edible oils, syrups and concentrates.

The Vitop tap, and gland, which connects the bag and tap together, fully meet the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Union global migration requirements and are therefore suitable for food contact.

Vitop taps prevent air entering the packaging during dispensing. This extends the shelf life of the liquid after opening for up to eight weeks - perfect for the occasional consumer.

Vitop taps are tamper-proof and come with a ‘tear strip’ that blocks the tap in a closed position until removed by the end-user, ensuring product integrity. Once opened, the tap is easy to use and requires only a small amount of pressure to obtain a regular flow rate.  


  •  Suitable for food contact

  • Applicable for use with cold, hot and chemically aggressive liquids

  • Designed to greatly reduce oxygen permeation

  • Tamper proof strip

  • Tap insertion can be manual or automated.

  • Available in a variety of colours to help distinguish product ranges or brands


  • Minimises any product waste due to improved shelf life

  • Improved consumer convenience - control over the amount and frequency of dispensing

  • Product integrity from the tamper proof strip

  • Consumer friendly – easy to use

  • Premium presentation of product due to elegant tap design

  • Improved efficiencies from having one supplier for all BIB components 


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A green solution

Bag-in-Box and pouches have a low carbon footprint compared to other types of packaging for liquids.

This type of packaging is lightweight and allows space optimisation for transport and storage.

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