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Bag-in-Box Packaging

Vitop Handles

Thanks to its design, the Vitop handle allows consumers to easily grab the Bag-in-Box® on retail shelves and adds to customer comfort.

The handle is soft and smooth. It does not mark fingers, even when carrying a 5 litre BIB, yet it is highly resistant.

Vitop offers standard white-translucent or black-coloured handles. Please contact us for other colours (such as red or white-opaque). The Vitop technology ensures (once the ends are introduced into the box) that it is almost impossible to involuntarily remove the handle from the cardboard box.


What are the features of Vitop Handles?

  • Standard handles available in white-translucent or black
  • Additional colours available upon request
  • 100% high density Polyethylene (PE)


What are the benefits of Vitop Handles?

  • Highly resistant and reliable: Minimize product damage
  • Customer comfort
  • Boost sales

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