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Better planet packaging apple core

Better planet packaging

Did you know that paper biodegrades faster than an apple core? It's the ultimate biodegradable packaging material

Paper-based packaging is biodegradable. In the rare case that paper ends up in nature it disappears within months

Paper-based packaging is in many applications the sustainable packaging of choice.

Paper biodegrades quickly and harmlessly, be it in controlled or uncontrolled end of life scenarios.

A few facts on biodegradable packaging


The decomposition rates of common marine debris items is estimated as follows:
Paper = 2 months
Wood = 2 years
Steel = 50 years
Aluminium = 200 years
Plastic = 450 years
Glass = Infinite years

Packaging decomposition rates

At Smurfit Kappa we believe that packaging should only last as long as the product. 

That's why our sustainable paper packaging is designed to suit the lifetime of the product not a lifetime on the earth.


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Discover why paper-based packaging is one of the most sustainable materials

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