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Totem Displays

Totem displays are lightweight free standing displays used to communicate your marketing messages and attract consumer attention.

Often used in retail environments in high-traffic areas, eye-catching totem displays allow brands to differentiate themselves over the competition and drive increased sales.

Made from corrugated cardboard, totem displays are sturdy yet lightweight, and can be moved around easily. Using a single material, they can easily be recycled after use.

We offer a range of standard sizes and styles of totem displays such as double sided, triangular and square designs to attract attention from all angles. We can also design bespoke displays to meet specific marketing objectives.

Totem displays are supplied flat packed and can be easily assembled in seconds.

Jaké jsou vlastnosti tohoto výrobku?

  • Standard sizes and styles available
  • Bespoke option to meet marketing objectives
  • High quality flexographic or lithographic print options
  • 100% recyclable
  • Leaflet holders can be added to further communicate marketing messages
  • 2D, 3D and 4D models available to help you visualise a design in-store

Jaké jsou výhody tohoto výrobku?

  • Increases sales through high brand visibility
  • Attracts consumer attention to product promotions or launches
  • Maximises brand impact at the point of purchase
  • Reduction in transit and storage costs as totem displays are delivered flat
  • Easy to assemble reducing time spent merchandising
  • Environmentally friendly – made from a renewable resource

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We bring together a huge database of 50,000 shopper insights, unique tools and the industry’s biggest team of designers to ensure your Display captures all the attention you need.

Our unique partnership with EyeSee means that we can analyse thousands of shopper reactions in a virtual store before a single Display is produced – giving you the best possible chance of making it right, first time. This allows our customers to minimise risk without the expense of real-world failure.

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Globální znalosti používané na lokální úrovni

We understand your market, because we’re as local as you.

With over 50 specialist Display designers across 19 countries, we truly understand how shoppers behave and what local retailers are looking for. This unrivalled footprint combined with a real feel for local market specifics can make all the difference to retailer acceptance and sales success.

In addition to our local footprint, we have a pan-European team based in Amsterdam who manage large-scale Display projects for many of Europe’s biggest brands, from complex harmonization or,, catalogue developments to simple multi-country execution of consistently excellent Displays.

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