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Kraftliner Royal 2000 (KW2) - Europe

Kraftliner Royal 2000 is a two-ply product.

Kraftliner Royal 2000 is a two-ply product.

Top ply consists of pure bleached hardwood kraft fibres and the base ply is a mixture of unbleached softwood kraft fibres and high quality recycled fibres.

This grade offers good printability characteristics.

Jaké jsou technické parametry tohoto výrobku?

  • Kraftliner Royal 2000 is available in the substance range 115-186gsm.
  • Typical brightness of 70% (ISO 2470-1).
  • Wide range of substance offers typical SCTcd  values up to 3,60kN/m (ISO 9895)  and typical Burst values up to 780kPa (ISO 2758).
  • White kraft pulp fibres used are produced as Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) or Elementary Chlorine Free (ECF).
  • Possible to deliver reels as FSC® certified/FSC® controlled wood or PEFC certified

K čemu se tento výrobek běžně používá?

  • Retail Ready Packaging
  • Industrial packaging
  • Agricultural packaging
  • Consumer Durables
  • Food & Beverages

A guaranteed supply from a trusted source

Our certified Chain of Custody is your guarantee of a verifiably sustainable packaging supply chain.

At Smurfit Kappa we understand the importance of sustainability in everything we do, and see it as our responsibility to ensure the products we supply to our customers meet the highest chain of custody standards.

  • 100% of paper produced and sourced for our packaging solutions is FSC®, PEFC™ or SFI™ Chain of Custody certified
  • 90% of packaging supplied to customers is FSC®, PEFC™ or SFI™ Chain of Custody certified

Look out for our stamp of proof on your invoice to give you total peace of mind around the origin of your paper-based packaging.

Learn more about Chain of Custody

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