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Performance packaging

​Performance packaging is a technical added value service we provide to create fit-for-purpose, cost-effective and sustainable packaging solutions. 

We use proven scientific methods to select and create the most suitable board design to meet your packaging needs across the supply chain.

Performance Packaging ensures the right amount of material is used resulting in packaging that is neither too light nor too heavy. Over/under packaging can create unnecessary cost either though excess material or increased product damage. As a supplier of both corrugated and solid board, we will recommend the best material to meet your requirements.

Performance packaging ensures you pack performs in all areas including; harsh conditions in supply chain (i.e. temperature changes, exposure to moisture), on packaging lines (i.e. runability) and through transport (i.e. stacking strength, box compression).

We have a range of best in class facilities to ensure your packaging testing to guarantee performance. We have testing laboratories which have the ability to recreate all elements of the supply chain and vigorously test its performance before manufacture.


  • Reduction in transit damage of your products
  • Reduction of packaging material creating cost savings
  • Right-weighted packaging to help meet sustainability targets
  • Increased productivity on your packing lines
  • Optimised transport utilisation