EU Green Deal

Our vision: Packaging to be truly circular

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Perfect packaging isn't big or small. It's just enough and nothing more. 

Discover why the EU Green Deal represents a unique opportunity and is a game changer for the packaging industry and packaging users.

The European Green Deal is a set of policy initiatives by the European Commission with the overarching aim of making the European Union climate neutral in 2050. 

The objective is to protect, conserve and enhance the EU’s natural capital, and protect the health and wellbeing of citizens from environment related risks and impacts. The EU Green Deal will aim to significantly change the economy and society in a very short space of time. 

So what can businesses do? Do they understand the EU Green Deal and it’s specific packaging commitments? How can they turn the EU Green Deal’s ambitious targets into a packaging opportunity? And, what role does smart packaging design play in accelerating the shift towards circular packaging?

Our Vision sought to answer some of the questions above. Businesses preparing for packaging of the future will have to:

  • Recognise that the EU Green Deal is a catalyst for change and represents an opportunity for packaging
  • Understand the profound implications the EU Green Deal has on developing and designing packaging
  • Align their packaging decisions with specific EU Green Deal packaging commitments
  • Understand the steps involved to effectively transitioning to circular packaging 

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