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Time is of the essence for shoppers – and for also brands. With shoppers making more frequent, but shorter, visits to stores, the window of brand influence on their purchasing decisions is shrinking. Retail packaging boxes are an effective way of maximising the opportunity to influence these decisions where they happen and matter most – at the shelf.

The power of packaging for retail

Your retail packaging boxes don’t just make it easier for a store to display and restock your goods. It should also attract the shopper’s eye, make them want to look closer and ultimately pick-up your product from the shelf and purchase it.

Retail packaging has been proven to enhance and encourage a consumer’s path to purchase and ultimately boost sales. In our blog ‘How Shelf Ready Packaging can increase sales’ we reveal how your packaging boosts a consumer’s path to purchase.

How we design packaging for retail

When shopping every second counts, shoppers are quick to decide in their path to purchase. It takes them on average 5-7 seconds to search and select a product. We can help shoppers make faster, better decisions, by understanding their behaviour and using our expertise to make it easier to find what they are looking for.  With our retail packaging boxes we aim to:

  • ATTRACT: Create a stand out design using contrast, colour and shape, and combine your brand graphics to make your packaging distinctive. 
  • ENGAGE: Design packaging in-line with your primary pack to ensure products are visible, well-presented and optimised on the shelf.  
  • CONVERT:  Make it easy for shoppers to take the product from the shelf and use clear messages to give them a reason to buy (now)!

Explore our top 10 retail packaging boxes 

Retail Packaging Boxes – Design 1

Case with optimal perforation

  • Shaped front profile highlights the product
  • Curved perforations and angled crease on front panel allows for easy opening
  • Case can be formed manually or by an automated machine
  • Suitable for most primary packs styles

Retail Packaging Boxes – Design 2

Shelf Stacker®

  • The front panel is easy to remove
  • The ledges on the top of the pack gives you the option to stack on shelf
  • Clear open front gives good visibility of the products on shelf
  • Different base options available depending on the primary pack style
  • Unique to Smurfit Kappa - Patented design *

Retail Packaging Boxes – Design 3

Machine erect wraparound

  • A one-piece solution that gives a cost efficient blank size
  • Easy to open pack with large print area for in-store opening instructions
  • Clear open front gives good visibility of products on shelf

Retail Packaging Boxes - Design 4

Tray with hood

  • Enclosed pack protects the product in transit
  • The easy to remove hood helps to get your product on shelf quickly
  • The design gives a clean front and plenty of print areas inside and out

Retail Packaging Boxes – Design 5

Machine Erect Ledge Tray

  • The top ledges on the pack retain the product during transit
  • The perforations on the pack make it easy to open in store
  • The front of pack gives good visibility on shelf
  • The ledge on the top of the pack gives you the option to stack on shelf

Retail Packaging Boxes – Design 6

Machine Erect Pot Tray & Hood

  • Sealable hood protects the products through the supply chain
  • Hood lifts off for an easy to shelve solution
  • Shaped front lip helps to attract consumers
  • Ideal for pots, jars and bottles

Retail Packaging Boxes – Design 7

Split Pack

  • The fully enclosed pack protects the products through the supply chain
  • Pack can be displayed horizontally and vertically
  • The front and top panel can be removed in one easy movement 
  • The split pack can be displayed in both single and double facing on shelf

Retail Packaging Boxes – Design 8

Shelf ready case with tuck top

  • Hand erect pack needs no tape to seal it at the top or bottom
  • The curved perforations and angled creases on the front panel allow for easy opening.
  • The innovative gripper wave system on the side walls holds the product upright

Retail Packaging Boxes – Design 9

Stacking Tray

  • This full ledge tray with built-in corner posts gives good strength for transit
  • Built in stacking lugs allow multiple trays to be stacked safely
  • Clean front face creates a good print area for your branding
  • Suitable for both manual and automated packaging lines

Retail Packaging Boxes – Design 10

Two Way Display

  • The pack is fully enclosed to protect the products through the supply chain
  • The pack is easy to open
  • The clever design gives you two display fronts to choose from
  • Clear open front gives good visibility of the products on shelf

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At Smurfit Kappa, we understand the requirements of all major retailers around the globe. We have extensive experience in developing packaging for retail, covering all shelf units and pallet sizes. All our retail packaging boxes are 100% recyclable and produced using renewable resources.

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