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See how we helped UK’s biggest sausage brand achieve a 5.8% increase in brand penetration

The Challenge
The existing packaging for Richmond Sausages, part of Kerry’s Food, did not support the Richmond brand or give the desired shopper experience, and they were getting damaged and were difficult to open. A new design that would give a premium feel was needed but the new pack would need to stay the same size to work on their existing production lines.
The Approach
We worked with Kerry Foods key stakeholders at a ShelfSmart workshop creating a virtual environment to test the solution. The results showed the existing pack was not fit for purpose. We redesigned the artwork to improve visibility on shelf. In addition we upgraded the board grade to improve the opening experience and increase the strength for stacking and palletisation.
The Result
The result was a 5.8% increase in brand penetration for UK’s biggest sausage brand and a sales growth driven by retailers.
Richmond Sausages

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