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Thermal Packaging

Thermal packaging is designed for temperature sensitive products that require a defined temperature to be maintained during transportation to the end user.

Thermal packaging comprises of an outer pack made of corrugated board, moulded polyurethane foam and frozen gel packs. 

The licensed and patented solution is designed to hold a pre-defined temperature range even when subjected to a range of external physical and thermal conditions in the supply chain.

Used widely for new drug therapies in the pharmaceuticals industry, where regulatory requirements and company liability demand reliability and repeatability.

We currently offer over 50 pre-qualified thermal packs, or they can be manufactured bespoke to your product and supply chain requirements. 

Thermal packs can also be printed with product or handling information.


  • Consists of a corrugated pack, moulded polyurethane foam and frozen gel packs
  • Full patented and licensed design
  • Temperature range and duration can be adjusted bespoke to application
  • 50 pre-qualified solutions currently available depending on application
  • Manufactured in a strict quality-regulated environment
  • Product is shipped assembled and ready to use


  • Eliminates any damage in transit
  • Confidence that packaging will maintain the required temperature range
  • Assurance that all legal and regulatory obligations are met
  • Cost efficiencies from using a pre-qualified solution
  • Environmentally  friendly – easy to separate materials and corrugated is 100% recyclable
  • Flexibility to order in small quantities


Please note this product is only available in Europe

Please note this product is only available in Europe