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State-of-the-art testing facilities for evaluation of pulp, paper and board, with regard to strength, printing, runnability and chemical properties

These facilities include:

  • An extensive laboratory for all traditional paper measurements in standard climate

Provides strength measurements like compression, tensile, tear, burst, ply-bond, and also different surface evaluations and optical properties. The laboratory also has the possibility to measure the most common properties for corrugated and carton board. All tests are done in a well-controlled standard climate 23˚C/50%RH.

  • Characterisation of paper properties in non-standard climates

Large climate rooms, allows us to evaluate papers in environments that corresponds to the end-use of the customer’s products, whether they are used in tropical climate or in cold storage. The size of the rooms enables us to do the actual measurements in climatised environment, not only the conditioning process.

  • Development of non-standard tests

In-house methods for non-standard characterisation e.g. compression strength during long time loading, cracking resistance, surface strength and glue joint strength, properties that are related to runnability in the customer’s processes and to the life span of the end-product. Deep knowledge in paper mechanics as well as skilled mechanical and IT technicians enable us simulate our customer’s process and supply chain, from where we develop our unique paper properties.

  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

The SEM gives a picture of the smallest details of the paper, but can also be used as a tool to analyse the chemical structure of the paper surface. In combination with the light microscope it’s a powerful tool for investigations regarding coating and printing as well as trouble shooting problems with gluing problems and impurities. 

  • Printability and coating laboratory

In our printability lab we have the possibility to evaluate the interaction between the printing ink and the paper substrate with e.g. surface energy measurements. The laboratory is also equipped with all necessary methods for printing evaluations e.g. colour density, dot gain, formation and appearance. In the coating laboratory we have equipment for hand and coating colour evaluation and development.

  • Chemistry laboratory

Advanced laboratory equipment enables us to find and quantify chemical compounds, both in the paper and in the paper making process. These useful tools to ensure the chemical balance in the process is right, and also the chemical composition in the paper is right for reaching optimal strength, so that no harmful substances are present.

The laboratory is also accredited for certain environment analysis.

  • Advanced pulping laboratory

Provides the possibility to simulate all steps in the paper making process, from digesting, bleaching and refining to the production of paper sheets. In our dynamic sheet former we can produce anisotropic, multi-layer sheets, comparable to machine made papers, which makes it a perfect tool for evaluation of different raw materials and new additives. 

Lars Henriksson - Vice President Product Development

"Innovation is when you nurture a new idea, grow it into something of value and deliver it to market"

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