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We focus on sustainable forest management through Chain of Custody practices.

Smurfit Kappa is committed to zero deforestation and conversion. We recognise the role of forests, fibre-based products and efficient fibre recycling systems in the sustainable use of natural resources and tackling climate change.

Our industry is a significant and visible user of wood fibre. It is our basic raw material, and we ensure its origin is sustainable. This benefits our business and is a high priority for our stakeholders. The reusability of paper fibres contributes to the sustainability of our products, and recycled fibres make up 77% of the fibre content of our products.

Independent third-party certification is the most reliable means to promote sustainable forest management and combat deforestation. We manage our forest holdings based on three sustainable development principles: to promote economic growth, responsibly use natural resources and foster social equity wherever our plantations and forests are located. We have certified all our plantations and forest holdings to FSC and/or PEFC.

Chain of Custody leadership

We advocate sustainable forest management through Chain of Custody practices. We require certified Chains of Custody from our raw material suppliers to ensure a sustainable supply chain for our customers. 

Our Commitments

Commitment #1: All fibre produced and purchased is CoC certified under FSC, PEFC or SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative).

Progress made: We continued to produce and purchase 99.9% of our fibres under fibre origin management systems that are CoC certified in 2023. This is within our margin of 1% variation.

Commitment #2:
Over 95% of our packaging is labelled as CoC certified under FSC, PEFC or SFI by 2025.

Progress made: We reached 95.5% in 2023. 

Commitment #3:
All production sites using FSC, PEFC and/or SFI CoC standards.

Progress made: All our production sites are FSC certified and where relevant PEFC and/or SFI certified.

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