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Discover why we're fashion's number one label for eCommerce clothing packaging

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Our sustainable and stylish clothing packaging portfolio means we’ll always have the perfect fit for your brand.

Did you know 45% of consumers have rejected a brand based on unsustainable packaging.

There’s a reason why we’re fashion's favourite sustainable label, our clothing packaging is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable, it ticks all the boxes. Our portfolio includes everything from lightweight flexible solutions to easy to open and return solutions. Plus, our laboratories with their rigorous testing procedures eliminates any risk of product damage in transit and ensure your products arrive in perfect condition, every time.

We also understand that clothing brand packaging has the power to delight and connect with your customer. Our designers have worked on a range of shapes and designs to enhance brand engagement and bring a superior unboxing experience.   

We help with all aspects of your eCommerce clothing packaging – not just product solutions; we apply our eSmart approach to guide companies through 12 key focus areas relating to the optimisation of e-retail processes, supply chain efficiency and delivering a superior consumer experience. Discover how we can deliver on all your clothing packaging needs from the company who is already delivering for over 80,000 customers. 

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Smurfit Kappa has partnered with UK fashion publication Drapers in new research that reveals that packaging matters to consumers and plays a significant role in the purchasing decisions for shoppers. 

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