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Our world-class R&D Centres are setting the global benchmark for evaluation of paper, board and packaging.

Our goal is not only to develop ‘know-how’ – it is to mobilise and contribute our wealth of expertise and make it accessible to our customers.

R&D Centre locations and areas of focus

Unique scientific insights are developed in four state of the art R&D facilities. These high end facilities are supported by local technical laboratories in places like Roermond, Epernay and Northampton to scale technical insights across all facilities.

Packaging R&D Centre Hoogeveen, the Netherlands

The Packaging R&D Centre is focused on:

  • Understanding and improving packaging behaviour in the supply chain taking into consideration primary, packaging and pallet
  • Advanced studies for Smurfit Kappa’s key customers to assure the packaging meets the specified requirements

Paper R&D Centre Piteå, Sweden

This laboratory specialises in product innovation and the development of new paper grades, and focuses on:

  • Explore the relation between paper, printing inks and printing techniques
  • Improving our print related paper properties

Product Safety Laboratory Facture, France

This laboratory is dedicated to product safety testing and focuses on

  • Defining policies to help all our operations to produce paper and packaging in compliance with product safety regulations
  • The development of food compliant products

Bag-in-Box R&D Centre Epernay, France   

This R&D Centre has over 40 years of experience of the spectrum of capabilities offered by Bag-in-Box solutions and is focusing on:

  • Using state-of-the-art technology to assure films, taps and boxes meet the quality standards that Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box has adopted over the years and is demanded for EU and FDA approval for direct food contact
  • Analyse and improve the current production and filling process

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