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Our Circular Business

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Our holistic approach starts with our circular business model which gives us the capability to make our operations restorative.

We replace the natural resources we need, use virgin resources in the best possible way, and reuse whatever we can. This circular approach increases resource productivity, adding to our competitiveness.

For Smurfit Kappa, our closed loop model starts with 100% renewable, sustainable primary raw materials. Our well established and integrated approach to producer responsibility and paper recycling means that 77% of our raw material is predominantly post-consumer recycled fibre – more than any other packaging material.

We use organic by-products as biofuel, and reuse fibres separated by water-treatment in our paper-making process. Deliveries of recovered paper also contain other materials such as metal, plastic, textiles, wood and sand, that we cannot use in our processes. Wherever possible, we collaborate with local organisations to find alternative uses for these, creating new business opportunities locally. We also close the loop by partnering with other sectors. For example, during the virgin paper-production process we extract turpentine and tall oil, which are raw materials for the chemical, medical and pharmaceutical industries.

In our product development we work towards synergies within the whole value chain. For example, using single- material solutions creates efficiencies in our customers’ packaging lines, and in addition, improves the recyclability of the packaging after use.

Forests themselves are a closed loop, fundamental for local climate and water cycles. When managed sustainably, they also provide raw materials for industry and employment.