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EveryOne is our Inclusion, Diversity and Equality Programme

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What do we mean by Inclusion, Diversity & Equality?

The first part of understanding the evolution of our EveryOne programme is to ensure you know what we mean by the terms Inclusion, Diversity & Equality. There are different definitions which exist but for our organisation here is what we mean:

Inclusion for Smurfit Kappa means providing a truly safe, inclusive environment where we all feel a sense of belonging and encouraged to be our authentic selves at work each day.
Diversity for Smurfit Kappa means appreciating and celebrating the diversity of our cultures, traditions, beliefs, ways of living and seeing the world and encouraging each other to share our different views and perspectives so we can learn from each other’s lived experiences.
Equality for Smurfit Kappa means offering equal respect, support and opportunities to each other regardless of our ability, age, faith, gender, race, who we choose to love or identify as.

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Our EveryOne Behaviours

A truly inclusive work environment can only exist if we all act in a genuinely inclusive manner. Smurfit Kappa has defined six key behaviours to promote inclusion in our daily interactions with colleagues. 

Open yourself up to different people, cultures, traditions, beliefs and ways of life.

Ask yourself “what personal biases am I holding?” Challenge your biases by asking your colleagues to share their different opinions and perspectives.

Respect everyone for what each person brings to the organisation, cultivating an environment where we all feel we truly belong.

Appreciate and value your colleagues for who they are. Show them the same respect and acceptance that you expect to be shown to you.

Learn and grow through questioning, reflecting and sharing views with your colleagues, embracing their knowledge.

Listen to your colleagues who are different to you. Hear their stories and value their lived experiences.

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Our EveryOne Communities

Here are the ambitions of each of the communities our evolved EveryOne programme is focusing on: 

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    Evolve into an accessible, inclusive organisation, which values and supports EveryOne who has a disability whether visible or invisible.
  • Gender icon


    Value all genders in the workplace and give EveryOne equal opportunities to progress and succeed.
  • Ethnicity icon

    Origin, Race or Ethnicity

    Promote an equal workplace for EveryOne – people of all origins, races and ethnicities – by mirroring the diversity of the communities in which we operate.
  • Family icon

    Family & Age

    Recognise all forms of family and appreciate EveryOne’s lived experience from young to old.
  • LGBTQ+ icon

    LGBTQ+ & Allies

    Create a global workforce where all people are equal and where EveryOne can belong and thrive regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.
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To read more about our about Inclusion, Diversity & Equality programme at Smurfit Kappa including all the detail behind our definitions, behaviours, communities and structure, just click here to download our EveryOne brochure.


Gender Pay Gap Report 2022, Front Cover

Smurfit Kappa Ireland is pleased to present its inaugural Gender Pay Gap Report, on a voluntary basis, in accordance with the Gender Pay Information Act 2021.

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Gender Pay Gap Report 2022, Front Cover