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TechniPaper® is a portfolio of technical papers used in the manufacture of specialist cardboard packaging

Discover TechniPaper®, our range of technical papers designed to create innovative packaging solutions for an increasingly circular economy

TechniPaper® is Smurfit Kappa's registered trademark for our portfolio of technical papers which, thanks to it’s technical – mechanical properties, solves problems caused during the transport and handling of certain goods.

TechniPaper® brings a new era of sustainable packaging. Grease-proof, slip-resistant, moisture-resistant, flame-retardant, anti-static and heat-sealable papers, all completely sustainable.

The diversity of our TechniPaper® portfolio allows us to offer each customer a packaging solution with physical-mechanical characteristics tailored to their needs while helping them to improve their sustainability credentials.

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Discover our TECHNIPAPER® portfolio


AquaStop™ is a highly water-resistant paper designed with sustainability and circularity in focus.

  • A highly water-resistant containerboard paper used in the manufacture of corrugated packaging
  • Protects and preserves the quality of the products
  • Improves grease resistance and contributes to reduced transmittance of water vapour
  • The corrugated box will still be fully recyclable in standard pulping equipment 
  • Suitable for packaging, where temporary protection against water is needed, like flower boxes, detergents, eCommerce, fresh produce, etc.

TechniPaper ® Anti Slip minimises product slippage

  • Available on rolls or as sheets for interleaving for 800 x 1200 and 1000 x 1200 pallets (other sizes available on request)
  • It is used between the different layers on a pallet to stabilise the load and prevent slipping and potential accidents due to shifting of the palletised goods
  • Supports angles up to 35° (Conforms to the NF Q 03 083 standard)
  • Reduces the use of stretch film and other plastics by up to 30%
  • Can be customised with the company logo    

TechniPaper® Thermo Sealant allows sealing paper to paper and paper to plastic

  • Provides paper with heat sealing properties
  • Delivery on reels tailored to the packaging machines already in use
  • Ideal for multi-pack solutions, flow-pack, or any other secondary packaging that does not require an OTR or MVTR barrier
  • Can be used for paper-paper or paper-plastic sealing
  • Paper production possible from 40 gsm
  • Customisation and printing to include any information of interest to the end user

TechniPaper® Moisture Resistance provides excellent performance in conditions where moisture is present

  • Helps maintain the properties of boxes in wet conditions
  • Protects and preserves the quality of the products 
  • Insulates goods from variations in the surrounding environment
  • Suitable for food packaging, including  refrigerated food packaging (fish, seafood, meat, ... )
  • Suitable for any packaging at risk from atmospheric agents, wet conditions or temperature changes with a risk of condensation

TechniPaper ® Anti Grease improves resistance to oils and greases, helps maintain packaging integrity and protects against unwanted stains.

  • Resists penetration by oils and fats
  • Improves anti-moisture performance
  • Prevents unwanted stains that taint brand image
  • Good performance in the presence of various greasy products: animal fat, vegetable fat, lubricated pieces, etc.
  • Maintains packaging integrity, preventing its deterioration due to fat penetrating into the paper
  • Suitable for use in food packaging (requires end-use certification)

TechniPaper® Flame Retardant acts as a multi-functional, water-based flame retardant that can be used for protection in the event of flame spread

  • Formation of a protective barrier against flame and fire damage
  • Slows the development of flame and smoke, slowing the spread of flames and self-extinguishing the fire if the flame source is removed
  • Suitable for packaging in environments with a risk of sparks (welding), such as industrial or consumer electronics markets 
  • Also suitable for document archives
  • As well as warehouses with flammable or chemical waste products

TechniPaper® Anti Electrostatic prevents accumulation of static charges (ESD) that can occur during the various package handling processes, and the threat these charges can pose both to charge-sensitive items and to the operators who handle the packaging.

  • Protects products from possible electrostatic charges
  • Protects operators from harm due to static build-up in packaging
  • Prevents damage to items sensitive to electrostatic discharges (ESDs)
  • Generates an insulating effect during package handling which can generate static charges
  • Serves as an alternative to other less environmentally sustainable solutions


TechniPaper® Anti Abrasive protects items with delicate, sensitive surfaces from damage from rubbing against  their packaging.

  • Reduces abrasion damage to delicate products such as furniture, glass, sheet metal, etc
  • An alternative to non-recyclable products that reduce packaging sustainability
  • Can be used in auxiliary packaging elements such as edge protection in both corrugated paper and honeycomb
  • Cost savings due to eliminating the need to use additional materials to prevent abrasion
  • Possibility of using cardboard layer pads or loose sheets for interleaving

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