Smurfit Kappa supports prestigious international wine contest

Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box has supported the prestigious wine contest since it began in 2015 when a strategic partnership was born. The innovative concept of this contest has proved to be a real success as it has become a benchmark for consumers from all over the world, bringing together over 100 producers from different countries.

The event involves a thorough blind wine tasting by a panel of professionals and amateurs with only the best receiving the unique “Best Wine in Box” gold award label. Last year, the event attracted professionals from 12 different countries and nearly 350 wines were tasted in total.

The wine sector has seen a sharp increase in the number of premium wines available in Bag-in-Box® packaging. The Concours Wine in Box has continued to evolve over the years and this year three contests will take place on March 20th in Toulouse, France rather than the usual one contest.

Indeed, there is a growing pressure to create packaging that will both stand out on retail shelves and be eco-friendly. This is why, for this year’s edition, the wines which win the precious macaroon at the end of the tasting sessions will be in the running to win the "Best Dressed Wine" award.

A jury of designers will reward the creativity and originality of the boxed wine. Those who have incorporated eco-friendly materials into their Bag-in-Box® solutions will be eligible to compete in the “Best Bag Eco-Conceived” category, which is coordinated by Constance Rérolle, Director of Wines and Spirits for Adelphe.

Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box has established itself as the natural partner of the competition, as it shares the same goals of improving the overall quality of Bag-in-Box® wines and raising their profile. The contest is a great opportunity for wine producers to gain recognition and for consumers to enjoy a more in-depth discovery of boxed wines.
For more information or to register as a participant, visit the contest website.

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