Smurfit Kappa develops the aseptic Pouch-Up for fruit juice

Smurfit Kappa, leader in complete packaging solutions for Bag-in-Box® has expanded its Pouch-Up® range thanks to the use of new filling technologies.

In collaboration with Pressade, n°3 of non-chilled fruit juices and specialist of fruit juices for the whole family, Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box offers a new packaging solution, packaged in an aseptic way, for fruit juices. Pressade launches an aseptic 100% fruit juice Pouch-Up® available in three flavours (apple, orange, multi-fruit).

The Pouch-Up® solution is perfectly adapted to these products. This lightweight packaging is easy to use, convenient and user-friendly. Its Original Vitop® tap (aseptic version), placed on the outside, guarantees a smooth flow of the product.

“The Pouch-Up® is a hygienic packaging which is perfectly adapted to aseptic filling. Thanks to these new products, we can innovate and differentiate ourselves on shelves. We think that this juice Pouch-Up® will be very appreciated by the consumers, partly because it is offering convenience and it is fun. An innovative way to re-transform fruit juice consumption at breakfast, which has been stagnating these past years”, says Catherine Bererd, Pressade Product manager.

The aseptically filled fruit juice market is a demanding market, requiring special hygiene and also adapted technologies. Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box developed Pouch-Up® packaging adapted to aseptic filling: firstly ionised, it is then filled on automatic aseptic machines. This packaging is now witnessing real progress, by opening itself to the market of aseptic filled markets, dominated by other types of packaging. Smurfit Kappa’s partnership with FBR- Elpo spa, as well as our experience in the field of aseptic filling, enables us to provide our customers on the fruit juice market a complete and efficient packaging solution.

By developing the aseptic Pouch-Up® for juice, Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box innovates and relentlessly works on developing these new filling technologies. These innovations will allow the Pouch-Up® to be positioned on new markets. 

Pouch Up Juice