Smurfit Kappa Colombia wins “Exemplary Supplier 2014” award

The fourth largest food company in Latin America, Grupo Nutresa, has awarded Smurfit Kappa the “Exemplary Supplier 2014” award in the Corrugated Packaging category as part of their inaugural supplier awards ceremony.

The award committee looked at almost 2000 suppliers in seven categories of goods and services, and analysed their performance in terms of innovation, productivity, logistics, and social and environmental sustainability. 

This is the first time Grupo Nutresa has created an event to acknowledge suppliers who stand out for their contribution to the supply chain. The event is also an opportunity to stimulate suppliers in their continuous improvement effort; and to reflect adaptability in changing environment and contribution towards Colombia´s social, economic and environmental progress.

Carlos Ignacio Gallego, President of the Nutresa Group, explains the importance of publically acknowledging the good practices of their suppliers:

“Their role in the value chain is critical and largely contributes to generate incentives that allow making a difference for our customers and increase loyalty among our end use customers.  Undoubtedly the practices that are being led by the nominees are an example to other companies that contribute to the progress of the country”.

The Nutresa Group, formerly Compañía Nacional de Chocolates, is one of Colombia´s largest companies, having more than 90 years of history and operating in 14 countries.  It reaches consumers through eight business units in the food sector among which are processed meats, cookies, chocolate, coffee, instant cold beverages, ice cream, pasta and food served to consumers through their restaurant chains. At present, its brands have a record share of over 60% in the Colombian market.

Smurfit Kappa provides Grupo Nutresa with packaging solutions for its cookies, chocolate and coffee brands.  Both companies share a sustainability commitment around the responsible and efficient use of resources, protecting the environment and contributing to improve the standard of living of their various stakeholders. 

Smurfit Kappa and Grupo Nutresa work together to achieve their sustainable development and effective innovation objectives, evolving in the design and printing of its packaging with significant results in the optimisation of their production line as well as in building shared knowledge.  An example of this is the shelf-ready packaging used by several of Nutresa´s brands to continue growth in their target markets.

Grupo Nutresa and Smurfit Kappa have strengthened their partnership, based on shared values, through more than 40 years of a business relationship where assertiveness and teamwork are key tools in the ongoing search of new opportunities.