Smurfit Kappa - úspěch: Agroiris

Case Study

Creative packaging helps Agroiris’ watermelons stand out from the competition

The challenge

  • Agroiris supplies watermelons throughout Central Europe, where competition for shelf space is particularly high.
  • In most retailers, watermelons are stacked loose onto the shelf. For customers, this makes it hard to identify Agroiris’ produce, and to carry the melons around the store without a shopping basket or trolley.
  • Agroiris needed a differentiated strategy to help stand out from the competition.

Our approach

  • By working closely with the Agroiris team, Smurfit Kappa was able to quickly understand the problems the brand was facing.
  • After reviewing multiple options, it was decided that the ideal solution was an innovative, portable pack that was both recyclable and easy to brand. This creative pack addressed requirements
    enforced by the retailers, who requested that all primary packaging was constructed from a single piece of corrugated board to minimise waste.
  • Together, the team devised a simple, but effective primary pack for the watermelons. The pack met the dual objective of raising the Agroiris’ brand profile above the competition, and providing a memorable shopping experience for customers.

The result

  • The final outcome was a brightly branded, protective carry case for the watermelons with a functional handle to allow shoppers easily carry the watermelons home.
  • Watermelon sales increased in kilograms by 1.3 million
  • With the new packaging, Agroiris was able to increase their selling price by 5%, and subsequently realised a 2% increase in their overall profit.
  • Waste has been reduced by 10% – the equivalent of the watermelon consumption of 3,700 people

"All watermelons look the same. Except for ours. Thanks to the new innovative carry pack, we have a product that people can instantly recognise and easily handle. Some customers even buy the watermelons as gifts now because they look so good in their boxes!” - Javier Díaz Sánchez, Export Director, Agroiris