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Inspiring the future

As part of our dedication to sustainability, we are committed to supporting our future generations through education, play and inspiration. This year our employees championed a number of inspiring activities to teach, inspire and bring awareness to our younger generations.



A snapshot of how we're 'Inspiring the future' in our local communities

Smurfit Kappa Czech Republic
Twice a year since 2014, Smurfit Kappa in the Czech Republic have been running the “Kids to Forest” workshops with a forester, teaching children the importance of taking care of our forests. There were 100 children at each workshop, and more than 2000 pupils historically have participated.
Smurfit Kappa Colombia
Our Smurfit Kappa colleagues in Colombia developed a campaign called “Schools with Conscience” in which we promoted hand washing with children as a protection measure against Covid-19.
Smurfit Kappa Poland

The 'Book from Roots’ initiative from Smurfit Kappa Poland aims to provide primary schools and kindergartens in our neighbourhood with a tree-shaped cardboard bookcase, to promote ecology and a willingness to read and share books.

Smurfit Kappa Mexico
In Mexico the average education is for 9 years and many pupils do not complete high school. Smurfit Kappa Mexico and our Foundation, created the Back to School programme, a scheme that allows people to gain their secondary and high school certificates at any age, because self-improvement has no age limit.

Open Community

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Open Community Brochure 2021

Smurfit Kappa believes strongly in investing in projects that help to build a sustainable future in the communities and countries in which we operate. Take a look at some of these initiatives in our 'Open Community 2021' brochure

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