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Empowering our communities

At Smurfit Kappa we are deeply committed to supporting the local communities across the 36 countries in which we operate. Internally and externally, we make the wellbeing of people a priority throughout our organisation. We are proud to invest in our communities and to give back through volunteering our time, effort and expertise, as well as through financial and other donations.



A snapshot of how we're empowering our local communities

Smurfit Kappa Russia
Our team in Russia decided to spend the day in a picturesque park in Pavlovsk, making balloons and playing games with children from the local orphanage. The orphanage receives financial donations regularly, so the team decided to donate something else of great value, their time and are. The children and the SK employees enjoyed the day a lot.
Smurfit Kappa Chile
Smurfit Kappa Chile supported their local community by donating boxes to World Vision, an organisation that provides food and cleaning products to hundreds of families in low income areas.
Smurfit Kappa Brazil
During the Week for People with Disabilities, employees from the Smurfit Kappa plant in Fortaleza, Brazil, participated by donating hygiene kits and snacks for children with disabilities. We do this in support of the social organisation APAE, whose main objective is to promote comprehensive care for people with intellectual disabilities.
Smurfit Kappa Poland
Smurfit Kappa Poland designed and filled boxes with sweets and gifts, then handed them out to children in one of the local hospitals. The design on the boxes was linked to a stage show that a theatre company was performing for the children, to make the whole experience extra enjoyable and memorable for them.

Open Community

See the different areas in which we support our communities

Open Community Brochure 2021

Smurfit Kappa believes strongly in investing in projects that help to build a sustainable future in the communities and countries in which we operate. Take a look at some of these initiatives in our 'Open Community 2021' brochure

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