GES, Amsterdam | 24.09.19

Join us for an amazing day of website training

This event will be amazing! Please join and you will not be disappointed.

Bag-in-Box Packaging, milk 

Why attend our highly anticipated event?

  • Experience the latest technologies of Store Visualiser, ePack Expert, Machine Selector, Display Configurator and many more to ensure you and your business are one-step ahead. 
  • Have an analysis of 70,000 supply chains, 7,500 innovative designs and countless Better Planet Packaging success stories at your fingertips. 
  • Be inspired on how you can make similar changes to your business that will attract your consumer, optimise supply chain and protect the environment.
  • No time commitment needed – you can learn everything about the packaging  world in only 4 hours!
  • No long afternoon of PowerPoint overkill – your senses will be overloaded with an interactive exhibition, seminars and a couple of surprises along the way.
  • Secure a spot now to hear from influential speakers discussing supply chain, sustainability and packaging solutions to ensure a better planet.

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