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BIB700 SUP Automatic filling machine

BIB 700 SUP is a compact automatic filling machine designed to fill liquid products in bags and pouches (branded as Pouch-Up®)

The BIB 700 SUP is flexible to your filling needs and can fill a wide range of bag and pouch sizes and offers different taps (such as Vitop standard or compact). With a flow rate of 10 000 litres per hour, the BIB 700’s SUP filling speed of 3 litre bags is an impressive 15 Bag-in-Box products per minute.

The filling valve on the BIB 700 SUP minimises the amount of oxygen that gets into the bag therefore extending the shelf life of the product. The liquid is conserved by having separate vacuum and nitrogen circuits for loading onto the filling valve. 

The filling cycle is automatic, from the attaching and separation of the bag, to the decapping, vacuuming, filling, nitrogen injection, capping the bag and finally the insertion of the bag into the box.

What are the features of BIB700 SUP Automatic filling machine?

  • Filling speed: 10 1.5L Pouch-Up® per minute
  • Fills pouches from 1 to 3L
  • Adapted to Vitop® Original and Vitop® Compact
  • Pneumatic and reversible gripper: no need to adjust machine
  • New generation filling valve 
  • Separated circuits between vacuum and nitrogen
  • Mobile stainless extension for Pouch-Up®
  • Shock absorber: stability and less hammers

What are the benefits of BIB700 SUP Automatic filling machine?

  • Standard sizes available from 2 to 1000 litres of liquid volume
  • Multi-layered bag to meet specific product requirements
  • Tamper proof Vitop® tap designed to greatly reduce oxygen permeation 
  • High quality printed box to promote your product and brand
  • Fully or semi-automatic filling and packing machines can be supplied 
  • Filling process can be clean or aseptic

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