Bag-in-Box packaging

Vitop® Taps

The n°1 leader worldwide in taps for Bag-in-Box®

First designed in 1989 and produced at the Smurfit Kappa state-of-the-art facility in Alessandria, Italy, the Vitop® tap has revolutionised Bag-in-Box® packaging through a combination of its tamper-proof design and high oxygen barrier that significantly contributes to extend product freshness and shelf life.

Vitop is the leading provider of Bag-in-Box closure solutions with over 5 billion taps sold and an impressive leak rate of only 1 in 85 million since its launch.

Combining science, design and convenience, its success is also partly due to the fact that it is extremely easy to use. The Vitop® comes in several versions for specific applications: aseptic, water and dairy, edible oil, detergents and more upon request.

Vitop® Natural

  • The quality of the Vitop® Original without the black carbon pigment
  • In countries where flexible packaging is widely collected, sorted and recycled, the Natural Vitop® increases the probability that our bags will be sorted and recycled correctly.
  • Compatible with hot-fill operations
  • Available in a “compact” version

Vitop® Blue

  • Specially designed for cleaning products including detergents and soaps
  • A reinforced structure, highly resistant to aggressive components
  • Perfect to be used either by the end-consumer or as a refill solution

Vitop® Compact

  • The same technology and quality as the Original, only smaller
  • Long shelf life of the product, thanks to the small quantity of air entering the tap
  • Increased sustainability credentials due to its light-weight design using less raw material
  • Compatible with Smurfit Kappa semi-automatic and automatic filling machines

Vitop Natural 

Vitop Detergents 

Vitop Compact 

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