Wine in Bag-in-Box

BIB Wine 

Bag-in-Box is a trendy packaging solution for wine

Vacuum-packed in a flexible, air-tight bag and placed in cardboard packaging, wine is protected from light and oxygen permeation and keeps its organoleptic qualities for long time. Wine can be kept fresh for several months before opening, and for 6 to 8 weeks after.

This packaging solution supports well the concept of responsible drinking and is perfect for drinking wine by glass. Bag-in-Box and Pouch-Up® meet all the current consumer expectations - freedom of consumption, ease of handling and transporting, value for money. Both wine producers and consumers appreciate environmental benefits of this type of packaging. 

 For wine we offer:

  • Transparent and non-transparent barrier films with specific characteristics for every need (O2, transportation, filling conditions, sustainability, etc.)
  • Vitop® Original, the tap that never leaks and well-known to consumers - Vitop® Natural also available in both original or compact version
  • A full range of exceptionally clean filling machines with the best Total Package Oxygen pickup values on the market, thanks to the innovative filling valve
  • SmartLife service to improve shelf-life and overall quality of boxed wine


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