Bag-in-Box Automotive

BIB motor oil 

Bag-in-Box and Pouch-Up® are innovative packaging solutions when it comes to packing automotive lubricants

Ideally suited for viscous products, the Bag-in-Box and Pouch-Up® protect motor oil, ensure a clean pouring with less waste and maximum product evacuation. The Bag-in-Box can be placed on dispensing rack for convenient use in car repair shops, or can substitute the 5L rigid containers for the final consumer. 

This type of packaging guarantees a very good opening and re-closing, clean and precise pouring with no spilling, low residual. It is a great sustainable alternative to rigid plastic bottles - about 85% less material. Delivered flat, the palletization and transportation are reduced and optimized. Filled Bag-in-Box® delivers 9% space reduction compared to a plastic pail, which makes it cost effective. 

For automotive we offer:

  • Nylon film LX providing bag toughness, resistance and good aroma barrier
  • MaxiFlow tap or screw cap VOP providing high flow of the liquid
  • A commissioning procedure in order to verify packaging and product compatibility, compliance to the customer logistic process
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