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Every 25 seconds one of our innovation tools is used across 36 countries in 3 continents.

Smurfit Kappa has developed a set of unique applications enabling to 

  • Scale all insights at high speed across all locations
  • Use and collect ideas and data from all over the worlds to develop new insights and applications every day



Paper to Box

Paper to Box is software which selects and creates the most suitable composition of papers to meet the required packaging performance.

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PackExpert calculates the exact strength required for a pack, taking into account all physical constraints in the supply chain including: transport, storage, handling, temperature conditions, humidity levels etc.

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The Innobook is a unique database of the latest packaging designs filled with contributions from over 1000 designers in 36 countries.

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Store Visualizer

Store Visualizer brings a new kind of realism to your packaging prototypes as they are placed and simulated in real time within a 3D virtual store.

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Shelf Viewer

Shelf Viewer is a database of images of Shelf Ready Packaging, shown on shelf. With more images added every day, across all countries and segments.

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We have developed a range of applications to help add value to our customers. These include area such as finding the best automation concept to fit packaging portfolios and how we can assess the performance of your packing line.

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