Edible oil in Bag-in-Box

BIB Olive Oil 

Bag-in-Box is a contemporary packaging solution for edible oil

Bag-in-Box protects during several months different types of oil, such as olive, sunflower, palm, soy, colza etc, from light and oxidation thanks to the high oxygen barrier films. It is widely used in the food service industry and by households.

Easy to store in restaurants or industrial kitchens as it is stackable and takes up little place. Its format is more cost-efficient compared to other packaging alternatives, which means considerable savings in terms of logistic costs in transport and storage, and therefore reduction of the carbon footprint impact

Unbreakable, lightweight, easy to carry and use, Bag-in-Box provides clean pouring with no leakage. Oil can be dispensed in small portions without altering its organoleptic properties.

For edible oil we offer:

  • 10 to 20L bags made of performant films that offer an excellent barrier against oxygen
  • Double tamper evident system of Vitop® tap to avoid counterfeiting or a pouring cap with membrane seal for better food safety
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