Juices in Bag-in-Box

BIB juices 

Bag-in-Box and Pouch-Up® is a consumer friendly, smart packaging solution for fruit juices

Ideally suited for aseptic filling, the Bag-in-Box protects fruit juices from light and oxidation, and thus enable the conservation of its nutritional benefits and flavours from 6 months to 1 year before opening. Juice stays fresh in Bag-in-Box up to several weeks after opening thanks to the Vitop® tap and high oxygen barrier films. 

Bag-in-Box is also perfect for hot filling of apple juice and cider. The juice is pressed, filtered and pasteurised. The bag is filled with the hot juice (which through contact pasteurises the packaging), it is then cooled and hermetically closed inside the box.

The BIB is a ready-to-use and easy to open packaging solution, it ensures a convenient consumption of the product. It is a one-way packaging for perfect compliance with hygienic requirements, robust, unbreakable and easy to carry. Vitop® tap guarantees a clean use without spillage or splash risk. 

For juices we offer:

  • Vitop® tap – standard with ivory spout for better stress-cracking resistance or aseptic
  • Perfectly adapted for hot or aseptic filling film structures – Clear, Thermo and Flex bags
  • A commissioning procedure in order to verify packaging and product compatibility, compliance to the customer production and logistic process
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