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ISTA certified packaging lab has undergone rigorous testing procedures, minimising product damage throughout the supply chain and instilling confidence in your buyers.

About our ISTA labs

As a world-leading supplier of paper-based packaging, Smurfit Kappa has two ISTA certified testing laboratories located at our Experience Centre in Northampton, UK and in Hoogeveen, Netherlands.

ISTA packaging testing is invaluable for companies experiencing packaging related issues in their supply chain. Access to an ISTA lab enables testing of a multitude of transit hazards that have the potential to cause damage to both packaging and product, resulting in customer loss.

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What are the benefits of ISTA certified packaging box?

A crucial benefit of ISTA testing is the confidence it gives to buyers, who know that the packaging has been through rigorous testing procedures – and so won’t cause reputational damage. In fact, an ISTA certification is often required by larger retailers such as Amazon.

Further benefits of ISTA certified packaging include:

  • Reduced damage
  • Cost savings
  • Increased brand reputation
  • Increased brand loyalty
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Reduced need for Trial Shipments

Learn more about our UK-based testing centre in our video tour.


Smurfit Kappa ISTA Certified Packaging Solutions

What are the different ISTA Tests?

There are a number of ISTA tests available that examine a wide range of packaging elements. The below are available at our UK-based ISTA testing lab in Northampton.

  • 1 Series: Non-Simulation Tests

    Challenge the integrity and robustness of the product and package when combined. Not designed to simulate environmental conditions.
  • 2 Series: Partial Simulation Tests

    Offer a more thorough testing process useful for refining preliminary designs. Includes at least one element of 3 Series General Simulation Tests, such as atmospheric conditions and transit hazards.
  • 3 Series: General Simulation Tests

    Creates a laboratory simulation of real-life damage-producing conditions including a variety of shock and vibration tests as well as assessing the packaging’s hardiness in ambient, chilled, and frozen environments.
  • 6 Series: Member Performance Tests

    Used to evaluate the effectiveness of packaging against hazards in a specific supply chain. This certification fulfils the requirements of large retailers like Amazon with their Frustration-Free eCommerce packaging and Ships in Own Container (SIOC) standards.

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