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Smurfit Kappa’s Experience Centres bring a new element to packaging design. Immerse yourself with our packaging experts in order to mitigate risk, increase sales and reduce cost.

Also work out why your products aren’t flying off the shelves, or translate an idea into reality: the Experience Centre team are here to help.

Watch our video to discover our Experience Centre in 90 seconds.

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Smurfit Kappa UK Experience Center

UK Experience Centre 

Our Centres

  • Experience Centre Mold


    Our Smurfit Kappa Mold Experience Centre focuses on giving clients in North-East England hands-on experience of the impact of packaging throughout the consumer supply chain.
  • Northampton Experience Centre Map


    The newest of the three, our Northampton packaging hub combines our first UK ISTA Certified Lab with a modern Experience Centre in the heart of the UK’s logistics’ golden triangle.
  • Yate Experience Centre Map


    Perfect for our clients based in the South, our Yate Experience Centre offers all the wealth of Smurfit Kappa’s years of expertise on your doorstep.


What We Can Offer

Mitigate Risk and Reduce Supply Chain Costs
We know that when it comes to your supply chain, it’s all about increasing return whilst reducing risk. We help you make fully risk-assessed decisions that deliver measurable cost savings across your supply chain for a healthier business. Our six-step SupplySmart process combines data, expertise and tools to help you optimise your supply chain, directly and indirectly linked to packaging.
ISTA testing in the UK
ISTA standards are some of the highest in the world, and our new packaging hub in Northampton contains our first ISTA Certified Lab in the UK. Here, we comprehensively test packaging options in in-transit conditions, so you know your packaging will hold up to the best of its ability.
Packaging review to optimise and increase sales
Packaging isn’t grabbing the attention it deserves? Whether you’re trying to cause in-store shelf disruption or want your products eCommerce friendly and ready to ship, our Experience Centre teams can offer expert advice. Tailored suggestions and advice pair with innovative software that lets you picture your brand in-store and compare it to competitors.
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Sustainability upgrades
We are experts in sustainability, and our eco-conscious team is happy to work on projects from upgrading refrigerated packaging to cardboard solutions to using more locally-produced materials. Let the Smurfit Kappa Experience Centre team suggest solutions that are every bit as efficient as they are eye-catching - without costing the earth.
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Explore innovative designs
Our Innobook is full of packaging blueprints dreamed up by our designers: one to suit every occasion. Looking for inspiration? This is the place to start. Go through the archives to discover a design that works for you, or use it as a jumping-off point to draw up your own bespoke packaging solution.
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UK EC Rollor
Amazon’s FFP (Frustration-Free Packaging) standards
Need to adhere to Amazon’s strict FFP standards? These mean you’re Certified on Amazon as having Frustration-Free Packaging: it’s easier to open, has fewer breakages, and is better for the environment. Our Experience Centre team are proficient at navigating these standards and ensuring your packaging solution ticks all the boxes. What is FFP? Read our guide here.
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A friendly chat
Starting out in eCommerce and not sure where to start on your packaging journey? Working on a brand rehaul but unsure how packaging can impact customer experience? Visit one of our Experience Centres to figure out where you need to focus, and how our specialist team can help to meet your packaging goals.
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