Water in Bag-in-Box

BIB Water 

Bag-in-Box is a hygienic and safe solution for water

Water is vacuum-filled in a flexible bag - barrier to oxygen and aroma – and placed in an outer board box. Water is protected from light and air during the entire storage period, thus avoiding risk of bacterial contamination. In fact, the air intake is minimised during the filling and pouring process. The flexible film simply collapses around the liquid under the effect of gravity.

Bag-in-Box is perfect for foodservice, institutions and businesses as well as for use by humanitarian organisations as it is a one-way, ultra-clean and eco-friendly packaging offering convenience and safe solution.

For water we offer:

  • Standard or reinforced EVOH film for Watergrade Bag providing an excellent barrier to potential contamination by external odours
  • Blue Vitop® Original tap
  • Specific procedure for machines cleaning before production
  • Vitop® Waterkits and connectors to dispensers adapted for systems used in bars, hotels, restaurants, etc.
  • A commissioning procedure in order to verify packaging and product compatibility, compliance to the customer production and logistic process

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