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Insulated deliver packaging cardboard box


Our insulated packaging keeps your products cold all year round


Introducing our new range of insulated packaging designed specifically for the eCommerce market

Our lineup of innovative insulated packaging solutions for the eCommerce sector is designed to help businesses benefit from insulated packaging that enhances product protection, optimises the supply chain, and elevates the overall consumer experience.

The global food and drink eCommerce market experienced unprecedented growth during the COVID-19 pandemic, surpassing other categories. Consumer habits established during the pandemic persist, leading to a sustained high growth rate in online food shopping. The demand for sustainable and innovative insulated eCommerce food packaging is a lasting trend.

Each insulated packaging solution boasts unique features tailored to accommodate the diverse range of product categories, delivery models, and fulfilment methods within the insulated packaging sector. Our intelligent designs can be customised in terms of dimensions, shape, materials, and print to align precisely with your specific product, supply chain, and branding requirements.

Leave a positive impact with sustainable insulated eCommerce packaging that is 100% renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable.

Our range of insulated delivery cardboard packaging solutions

1. Gourmet Box

Keep food and veg cold; This telescopic insulative box has multiple layers of double wall corrugated material in a unique sleeved design, giving you the peace of mind that your chilled goods will arrive at their destination with optimum freshness.

  • Performance: 47 Hours, +8 Degrees (Gel Packs)
  • Competitive time to assemble
  • Lid sleeve can be printed for a better opening experience
  • Put within a standard 0201 – box-in-a-box solution

2. Pet Box

Say hello to hassle-free shipping and up your pet food delivery game. This streamlined design gives speedy unboxing, and ensures your goods arrive without thawing - making every delivery a delight for both you, your customers and their furry friends.

  • Performance: 42 Hours, +8 Degrees (Dry Ice)
  • Fast to assemble – Super simple design
  • Excellent palletisation
  • Insulation layers can be increased or decreased as required
  • All pieces can be printed to improve the opening experience

3. Baker's Box

Make deliveries a piece of cake – Keep your baked goods frozen with this baker's box. Whether it's croissants or cakes, ensure they arrive without thawing out.

  • Performance: 37 hours, -12 Degrees (Dry Ice)
  • Low cost design
  • Palletisation efficiency
  • Fast to assemble

4. Butcher's Box XL

Designed for larger products, ensure optimum freshness for swift delivery. Elevate your brand with this stylish gift box design and leave your customers craving more.

  • Performance: 48 Hours, +8 Degrees (Gel Packs)
  • Multiple layers of board offer enhanced thermal insulation
  • Replace EPS foam
  • Made for larger products
  • Gift box style for a more premium unboxing experience

5. Juice Box

This pack is designed specifically for juices and smoothies, a growing sector category in the chilled drinks market.

  • Performance: 45 Hours, +8 Degrees (Gel Packs)
  • Simple construction
  • Smaller, stylish outer
  • Sized to hold 8x bottles and corresponding gel packs
  • Separate lid to improve the opening experience

6. Fisherman's Box

Replace EPS with this simple design – Same-day fish markets rely on EPS boxes. Make a sustainable decision without impacting performance with this temperature-controlled fish box.

  • Performance: 40 Hours, +8 Degrees (Gel Packs)
  • Replaces EPS for a more sustainable and recyclable solution
  • Unique opening experience
  • Save space with more efficient palletisation resulting in reduced transport costs

7. Butcher's Box

‘Meat’ your customers' expectations – This butcher's box is perfect for the independent meat seller looking to improve sustainability without impacting performance. Whether it's same-day or next-day delivery this concept will keep your meat chilled.

  • Performance: 40 Hours, +8 Degrees (Gel Packs)
  • Adaptable design - Can be used for local same-day delivery or adapted for nationwide delivery
  • Corrugated in-built picking tray to remove steps in the packing, as well as the need for plastic totes
  • Can be branded inside and out to create eye-catching solutions

8. Everything Box

Do it all with this box. Perfect for retailers, the ‘everything’ box will give you the peace of mind that deliveries arrive at the right temperature.

  • Performance: 39 Hours, -12 Degrees (Dry Ice), 48 Hours, +8 Degrees (Ice Packs)
  • Ambient, chilled, and frozen solution – all in one box
  • Quick to assemble overall due to the nature of the concertina design
  • Design – 0201, Lid, Plunge Lid (Sits on top of the product), L Shape and C Shape

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