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Sustainable Fresh Produce packaging solutions to future-proof your business

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We have an unmatched level of experience in the fresh produce sector.

As a leading supplier of cardboard packaging to the fresh produce market, we understand the needs of growers, packers and retailers.

We use this experience every day to help shape the future for our customers. We provide solutions that increase sales, optimise your supply chain and make your fresh produce business more sustainable.

All our produce packaging cardboard boxes can be branded, allowing you to differentiate your products in a competitive retail environment and attract shopper attention.

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Sustainable punnets

Take a look at our new range of sustainable punnets to meet the needs of your produce, supply chain and consumers. Our paper-based punnets are 100% recyclable, renewable and biodegradable.

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Biodegradable punnets packaging boxes

Innovations in Cardboard Packaging for Fresh Produce

Waterproof packaging box 

Coated water-resistant boxes for fresh produce

Coated boxes are a game-changer in the fresh produce sector, offering a reliable and efficient solution for transporting fruits, vegetables, and other perishable goods. These specially designed boxes are constructed with a water-resistant coating that not only protects the produce from moisture and external contaminants but also maintains the product's freshness and quality.

They are ideal for the demanding requirements of the fresh produce supply chain, ensuring that delicate items remain in pristine condition from the farm to the store shelf. The water-resistant coating not only enhances the durability and longevity of the packaging but also minimises the risk of spoilage, reducing food waste and ensuring a more sustainable approach to distribution.

With coated water-resistant boxes, the fresh produce sector can maintain the integrity of their products while simultaneously improving operational efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

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Moisture resistant produce boxes 

Benefits of water-resistant packaging

  • Extended Shelf Life: Moisture-resistant packaging helps fresh produce by creating a protective barrier against moisture, preventing premature spoilage, and reducing food waste.
  • Preservation of Visual Appeal: Maintains the visual appeal of fruits and vegetables, preserving their vibrant colours and crisp textures, which is crucial for consumer satisfaction.
  • Hygiene and Safety: Minimizes the risk of mould, bacteria, and contamination.
  • Simplified Transportation and Storage: Simplifies transportation and storage, reducing the chances of damage during transit.
  • Eco-friendly and environmental responsibility: Have no plastic content, ensuring that the packaging remains 100% recyclable and aligns with sustainability goals. Additionally reducing carbon footprint and minimising waste in the supply chain.

Fresh Produce Event: Leading the way to sustainability

The event was exclusively for the Fresh Produce sector, invited customers to engross themselves in a world of optimisation, sustainability, and cost reduction. Let's explore some of the event highlights! If you are keen to understand how sustainable your current Fresh Produce packaging really is, then take our quiz here.

Fresh produce event 2023

fpc awards 

Business Service Partner Winners

The devoted Smurfit Kappa Green Machine Systems Team has been awarded the esteemed Business Service Partner Award at the FPC Fresh Awards, specifically in recognition of their exceptional support for our valued fresh produce customers.

The judges commended our team's remarkable dedication to delivering tailored automated packaging machinery solutions, even during challenging times. This accolade underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence and our relentless pursuit of solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers in the fresh produce sector.

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