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Optimise your automotive supply chain with improved cardboard packaging solutions.

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Our unique tools, data and expertise enables you to optimise your supply chain.

Whether packaging small or large, light or heavy automotive parts and components, we use proven scientific methods to provide fit-for-purpose, cost efficient and sustainable automotive packaging solutions.

Our range of products, including scuff- and corrosion-resistant boxes, are designed to provide the required amount of strength and protection to meet the physical requirements of your supply chain.

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More about packaging automotive parts and components

Auto parts cardboard packaging 

Custom packaging for automotive products

Custom packaging for automotive products is essential for preventing costly damages. Tailored, fit-for-purpose solutions, like our Honeycomb packaging, are meticulously cut to cradle automotive parts securely during shipping.

This precision ensures items remain in place, eliminating potential damage and upholding the integrity of the products using corner edge protectors and buffers, making it a valuable asset for automotive businesses.

Sustainable automotive packaging boxes

Sustainability is paramount in modern automotive packaging. Smurfit Kappa's Honeycomb packaging material is:

  • Alternative to Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
  • Combining lightweight strength
  • Superior compression resistance
  • Excellent shock absorption

Honeycomb cardboard sheets and edge protectors durability enables reuse, and as a 100% recyclable material made from renewable resources, it aligns with eco-conscious 

Cardboard edge protectors 

Automotive windscreen packaging 

Testing packaging boxes before shipping

Smurfit Kappa's ISTA lab offers extensive testing of automotive cardboard shipping boxes, ensuring their resilience against a multitude of transit hazards. This rigorous evaluation safeguards both packaging and products, minimising potential risks and resulting customer losses.

Tailored, reliable packaging solutions are thus proven to be robust and trustworthy, supporting the automotive industry's commitment to delivering high-quality goods.

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