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Sustainable packaging influences purchasing decisions in the fashion industry

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Smurfit Kappa has partnered with UK fashion publication Drapers in new research that reveals that packaging matters to consumers and plays a significant role in the purchasing decisions for shoppers. 

The report highlights the expectations consumers have for themselves when buying fashion and how sustainability influences those decisions. It also underscores the importance for businesses to understand the opportunities in moving to sustainable packaging , the ramifications of inaction to your reputation and the role that sustainable packaging can play to help reach sustainability targets.  


Find out how sustainable packaging strengthens brand perception.

Sustainability is driving consumer purchasing decisions 

Our new research found: 

  • 73% say paper or cardboard packaging is important when considering a brand’s sustainability
  • 64% more likely to buy from retailers with sustainable packaging 
  • 50% willing to pay more for sustainable packaging and delivery  
  • 33% have rejected a purchase because of unsustainable packaging

What will businesses learn and what do you need to do? 

Sustainability is now a driving and undeniable factor in consumer’s retail decisions. Our new research highlights both the opportunity and build for businesses to help build trust and strengthen the brand-consumer relationship.  

  • Discover the level of consumer appetite for sustainability  
  • Understand how sustainable packaging is a tangible symbol of a company’s wider sustainability agenda
  • Learn how consumers will pay more for sustainable packaging
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About the research 

  • Data in this report is based on a survey commissioned by Drapers.
  • We surveyed 2,000 UK consumers aged 18 to 60.
  • The age groups were split evenly across 18-24; 25-34; 35-44; 45-54; 55-60 and over.
  • The survey took place in July 2021.

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