Wine Packaging: 10 Innovative Ways To Ship Your Wine Products

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More and more consumers are choosing to order their wine products online and have them delivered directly to their doors. From gifts to groceries, there are so many reasons why consumers are switching to eCommerce for purchasing beverages, and it is vital that your wine packaging is suitable for this new trend. 

Shipping wine products requires ultimate protection from your wine packaging, but it also needs to create an unforgettable unboxing experience and emulate your brand messaging perfectly. At Smurfit Kappa, we are specialists when it comes to wine packaging, and in this article, we are sharing our 10 innovative ways to ship wine products.

Why Is Wine Packaging Important?

As wine manufacturers move to the world of online shopping, wine packaging is more critical than ever. Having the right packaging can open up a world of opportunities in the online space. With well thought-out wine packaging, your business can get products direct to the consumer in the most efficient way, while also guaranteeing that they arrive in pristine condition. 

It isn’t just product protection and transit that is important when it comes to wine packaging, but also the experience it delivers to customers. The right packaging will delight consumers and create an unforgettable unboxing experience. 

Market Challenges For Wine Packaging

Wine packaging is not without its challenges, and the key issues to bear in mind are:

  • Protection: THE most important function of wine packaging is to protect the contents and ensure your bottles arrive in pristine condition, every time. For high value wines you may consider using an ISTA certified packaging supplier who can rigorously test your packs’ performance by simulating your supply chain conditions.
  • Unbox & Return: The experience your wine packaging delivers to customers must match the quality of the products inside. 59% of consumers say they want parcels that are easy to open without a knife or scissors. In addition to this, 74% of consumers say that parcels should be easy to return.
  • Sustainability: Sustainability is a key consideration for all businesses, and something which should be thought about at every step of the process, from sourcing to shipping. 71% of customers want parcels that are easy to dispose of, such as easy to flatten and no mixed materials. 69% say that packaging should be paper-based. 
  • Branding: Your wine packaging is an extension of your brand and part of your product, so it must present your business in the best possible way. Consumers expect parcels to be in line with what they already know about your brand, whether that be from your in-store presence or website. Paper-based packaging offers the possibility to completely customise your print and quickly adapt to seasonal promotions.
  • Enabling Growth: No matter the size of your business, wine packaging should enable business growth and be easy to scale over time. The right packaging will optimise your production line and improve the packing process for your products. Whether your customers order a single bottle or ten bottles, you need a portfolio of wine packaging design to meet all requirements.

10 Innovative Ways To Ship Your Wine Products

Here at Smurfit Kappa, we are specialists in wine packaging and have 10 tried and tested ways of packing wine products for shipping and eCommerce. All our wine packaging solutions have been developed with a focus on eRetail processes, supply chains, and consumer experience. Check out our 10 innovative ways to ship wine products:

1. Pyramid Insert Wine Packaging

When it comes to wine packaging for a single bottle, our pyramid insert solution is a popular choice. It ensures the safe delivery of fragile products by perfectly holding the bottles during transit. The open design of this wine packaging means that the product is visible while also being well protected. It can fit various shapes and sizes of wine bottles and is a 100% paper-based solution for sustainable wine packaging.

2. Cuboid Insert Wine Packaging

This two-piece wine packaging solution provides ultimate protection as well as large surface area for branding opportunities. A single wine bottle can be perfectly held in place using 100% paper-based packaging.

3. Gift Box Wine Packaging

When products are being sold online as a gift, it is critical that wine packaging reflects this. Our gift packaging for single bottles provides the highest level of protection whilst ensuring the bottle and label are presented perfectly, optimising the brand and improving perception.

4. Roller Bottle Wine Packaging

For a truly unique type of wine packaging, we offer our roller bottle packs. This disruptive packaging will surprise and delight customers, creating a memorable unboxing experience.

5. Divider 3 In 1 Wine Packaging

When you need to send multiple wine bottles together, our divider 3 in 1 solution is ideal. It is available as either manual, pre-glued or fully automatic packing, and can fit various shapes and sizes of bottles. 

6. Heavy-Duty Wine Packaging

This wine packaging solution delivers extra protection for anything from one to six wine bottles. It features multiple components for flexible usage and can be fully customised for your unique bottles during the packing process. There is no risk of damage during transit with this sustainable wine packaging solution.

7. Pop Up Insert Wine Packaging

For packing multiple bottles quickly and easily, our pop-up insert wine packaging is the perfect option. It is pre-glued for fast manual packing and the open design means the bottle and label are on show while also providing product protection.

8. eStack Wine Packaging

For the ultimate brand experience when sending multiple bottles, the eStack wine packaging solution is perfect. It has large surfaces for branding, and showcases the bottles in a unique and memorable way. Bottles can be packed with different heights, making this ideal for mixed products. 

9. BiPack Wine Packaging

This packing option showcases the bottles in a premium way, while also delivering additional opportunities for brand promotion inside the packaging. Products are well protected during transit and this solution is easy and quick for manual packing in your production line.

10. Bag in Box Wine Packaging

For ultimate sustainability and a unique experience, ditch the bottles and opt for Bag-in-Box wine packaging. Your wine products can be shipped efficiently with a minimal amount of plastic, minimal voids, and maximised parcel space. Consumers enjoy the freedom of consumption and there is still plenty of opportunity for branding. Smurfit Kappa can also provide an Amazon FFP by design version.

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