Smurfit Kappa launches new double head Bag-in-Box® filling machine

Smurfit Kappa has announced the launch of a new automatic Bag-in-Box® filling machine, continuing the growth of its supply of the bestselling BIB 700 range.

The new machine, called the BIB 700 Double Head, offers high performance along with the innovations of the original simple head version.

This high speed automatic filling machine is designed for large industrial production facilities seeking efficiency, reliability, and high-quality filling. Just like the BIB 700, it features the new generation filling valve, demonstrating the best Total Package Oxygen pickup values thanks to the separate nitrogen and vacuum circuits. This helps to improve the shelf life of the Bag-in-Box® and brings significant value to Smurfit Kappa’s customers and to the final consumer.    

Florent Neveu, Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box Filling Machines Manager, explains: “When designing and building this machine, we wanted to make the industrial filling process as efficient and clean as possible. Therefore we focused on basic things: accurate filling to avoid wastage, easy maintenance and maximum hygiene. Together with improved shelf life and high performance, these benefits mean that our customers will be able to serve their customers with Bag-in-Box® in the best possible way.”

The BIB 700 Double Head can fill up to 30 three litre Bag-in-Box® products per minute at a high flow. In addition, the cleverly designed and constructed machine ensures efficiency and reliability, and is fully compliant with food contact regulations.

The new BIB 700 Double Head filling machine is a welcome addition to Smurfit Kappa’s existing  range, which includes the BIB 700 Evolutive and the BIB 700 SUP machines